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AX Functional Consultant

AX 2003 2 yrs (Installation & Trade & Logistics Implementation) AX 2009 2 yrs from 2010 to present (Financial, Trade & Logistcs, Manufacturing, Route Management, Materials Requisition Planning, QA) Third Party Software in AX 2009 1 yr Experience(Formula Module, Landed Cost & Container Tracking Solomon 6.5 & 7.0 3 yrs from 2007 to 2009 (Financials and Distribution) Great Plain – Fixed Asset 2 yrs from 2007 SQL (installation and Configuration, Scripting, SSRS) 8 yrs MS Office 1

Desired Positions

Implementation Consultant, Business Analyst, Senior Consultant / Team Leader, Project Manager

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
USD 70,000 - 100,000 per year  
4 Weeks  
Desired Job Type
Full Time  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Bachelor Degree  
Current Location
Trinidad and Tobago  
Will Consider Relocation to;
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States
Residency / Visa
Authorized to work in this location

Skills and Experience

Category Yrs. Exp. Last Used
Dynamics AX Axapta Customer Relationship Management CRM 1 2013  
    CRM Marketing Automation 1 2013  
    Questionaire 1 2013  
    Sales Management 1 2013  
  Financial Management Accounts Payable 4 2013  
    Accounts Receivable 4 2013  
    Fixed Assets 4 2013  
    General Ledger 4 2013  
  Manufacturing and Distribution Master Planning 3 2013  
    Production I 3 2013  
    Production II 3 2013  
    Production III 3 2013  
  Supply Chain Management Logistics 2 2012  
    Master Planning 2 2012  
    Trade (Sales Orders, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory) 2 2012  
Dynamics GP Great Plains Financials Fixed Asset Management 4 2013  
    General Ledger 4 2013  
    Multi-Currency 4 2013  
    Payables Management 4 2013  
    Receivables Management 4 2013  
  Inventory and Order Processing Bill Of Materials 2 2013  
    Inventory Control 2 2013  
    Invoicing 2 2013  
    Purchase Order Processing 2 2013  
    Returns Management 2 2013  
    Sales Order Processing 2 2013  
Dynamics SL Solomon Financials Accounts Payable 6 2013  
    Accounts Receivable 6 2013  
    Cash Manager 6 2013  
    Currency Manager 6 2013  
    Customization Manager 6 2013  
    General Ledger 6 2013  
    Multi-Company 4 2013  
    Project Controller 6 2013  
    System Manager & Shared Information 6 2013  
    Tools for Visual Basic 6 2013  
  Project Accounting Allocator 6 2013  
    Project Budgeting 6 2013  
    Project Controller 6 2013  
    Time and Expense for Projects 6 2012  
  Reporting and Business Intelligence Crystal Reports 6 2013  
    FRx Advanced 6 2013  
    FRx Forecaster Professional 6 2013  
    FRx Professional / FRx Desktop 6 2013  
  Supply Chain Bill of Materials 6 2013  
    Inventory 6 2013  
    Landed Cost 6 2013  
    Order Management 6 2013  
    Order to Purchase 6 2013  
    Purchasing 6 2013  
  Web Portal Business Portal 3 2013  

Employment History

Job Title
AX Implementation Specialits
Food, Beverage and Tobacco
06/2010 to 03/2012

Job Summary :  

To ensure that SMJ’s internal  and external stakeholder are making optimaluse of the SMJ’s Trade and Logistics Business Solutions.


1.    Consultswith SMJ’s internal and external  Trade& Logistics stakeholders to analyze current operational procedures,identify problems and learn specific input, processing and output requirementssuch as forms of data input, how data is to be transformed/summarized andformat for reports.

2.    Composeddetailed description of Trade & Logistics stakeholders needs, systemfunctionality and steps required to develop or modify Business Solutions.

3.    DevisesTrade & Logistics workflow and process requirements chart and diagrams tospecify in detail operations to be performed by (a) Stakeholders/Users, (b)Business Systems and (c) Information Technology Dept.

4.    ProjectManagement of the entire system development life cycle as required for theprovision of Trade & Logistics business solutions within SMJ and itssubsidiary companies.

5.    Directstudies pertaining to the acquisition and/or development of new  Trade & Logistics  business solutions to meet current andprojected needs.

6.    Executesand documents findings of studies and research into Trade & Logisticsbusiness solutions in general and within F&B Industry in particular, makingrecommendation for the improvement of SMJ’s Service Delivery Systems.

7.    Consultswith personnel concerned to assure smooth functioning of newly implementedsystems or procedures.

8.         Conductoperational effectiveness review to guarantee the sustainability of Trade &Logistics business solutions.

9.         Developand/or brings up to date functional or operational manuals/documentationoutlining established methods of performing Trade & Logistics work inaccordance with SMJ’s organizational policy.

10.       Assistin the development of long term plans to ensure that an adequate BusinessSolution and facilities are available to meet the requirements of new andenhanced Business Solutions.

11. Setup and ConfigureSharePoint2010. Integrates the Office 2010 clients with SharePoint.

12. Manage SharePoint 2010 and developedOffice Web Application.

Job Title
Sr. Business Solution Consultant - Dynamics
Computing - Consulting / Professional Services
10/2012 to Current

1.    Responsiblefor implementing business solutions for customers, which includes planning,analysis, training, customization, project management, review and testing

2.    Evaluatescustomer’s requirements, defines system objectives and scope. This includesconducting interviews and reviewing existing procedures.

3.    Designssystems solutions and produces supporting engineering design specifications andproject documentation

4.    Maintainsexisting systems owned or represented by Infotech:

~       Analyses and designs enhancementsand/or customizations in keeping with customer requirements and market needs

~       Ensures in-depth understanding ofapplications

~       Programs and implements softwarecustomizations

~       Resolves problems and fixes bugs

~       Conducts systems and unit tests

5.    Updatesand maintains systems documentation

6.    Providestechnical and HelpDesk support

7.    Assiststhe project manager in managing the development and deployment of the solutionand in the preparation of project plans, proposals and costing.

8.    Formulatesand executes strategy for implementing systems solutions into customerenvironment based on customer requirements.

9.    Managesthe systems testing process, whichincludes Unit Testing, System Integration, Performance, Business testing and tosupport the customer with User Acceptance testing.

10. Managescustomer expectations and maintains harmonious relationships with the customers

11. Supportssales team: finalization of scope, supports description ofrequirements/specifications through R&D and preparation of technicalsections of proposals (project plans, risk assessment, change control and scope

12. Maintainsexpert level competency and certification in designated products and requiredtechnologies

13. AdministrativeResponsibilities

~       Adheres to Infotech’s methodologiesand standards

~       Timely preparation of employee timereports and other reports (expense statements) as required for customer billingand management reporting

~       Performs required administrativeresponsibilities as required by management.

~       Maintains and is responsible forpersonal computer(s) and other assigned equipment

~       Maintains work area and immediateworking environment in keeping with the company’s norms and standards.

Job Title
Independent Contractor for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/12,
Computing - Consulting / Professional Services
05/2012 to 09/2012

1.   ProvideMicrosoft Dynamics Support

2.   PerformDiagnostics

a.   Prepareand conduct business analysis

b.   Setupapplication for gap/fit analysis

c.   Conductgap/fit analysis

d.   Documentand present result of diagnostic phase

e.   Supportlicense definition and service estimation for functional tasks

3.   ConductAnalysis

a.   ConductKey User Training

b.   Prepareand conduct business process analysis

c.   Setupapplication for gap/fit analysis

d.   Conductgap/fit analysis

e.   Documentand present results of analysis phase

4.   Design

a.   Createdevelopment design specifications

b.   Createdesign documents for customer understanding and acceptance

c.   Presentdocumentation and application design to customer

5.   Deployment

a.   ConductKey User training

b.   Createsystem and user acceptance test plan

c.   Configurelive environment

d.   Conductsystem and user acceptance test together with the customer to ensurefunctionality, configuration and data are as expected.

6.   Operations

a.   Golive support

b.   Clearpending issues

c.   Finalizedocumentation


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
1986 University of the East Business Administration  
2013 University of Cumbria - 2014 MBA - Sustainability & Leadership  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2011 Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2009 Trade & Logistics  
2011 Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2009 Financials  
2010 Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2009 Installation & Configuration  
2008 Microsoft Dynamics SL 6.5 Financials  
2013 Microsoft Dynamics SL 2012 Financials  
2013 MCTS - Dynamics Dynamics