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Peyton Resource Group

About the Company

PRG (“Peyton Resource Group”) was founded in 2001 with a simple mission, to Prove Our Value One Opportunity at a Time.  Our team’s experience at some of the industry’s largest staffing agencies sharpened our skills and inspired us to launch a different kind of staffing agency – a firm that drew on the best practices of big-agency experience, but with a personal touch and strong sense of commitment to serve others.

We pride ourselves on being “big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care”. Our culture is a by-product of recruiting like-minded individuals who are passionate and operate with a “serve others first” mentality. In working with PRG, you will quickly get a sense of the ownership that our people feel based on their responsiveness to your needs and their sincere desire to make sure you are satisfied.  We have fostered an environment that allows them the freedom and flexibility to offer creative solutions that make sense for you.  By trusting and empowering our people to “do the right thing” we have earned the reputation amongst our clients as “a partner that’s easy to do business with”.  We strive to make every interaction positive so that it creates a sense of loyalty from our employees, as well as our clients.