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TechnoFunctional Consultant

MS Dynamics Ax4.0,Ax2009,x++,Enterprise Portal,MorphX,C#,SharePoint,SSRS,SSAS,Sql server

Desired Positions

Implementation Consultant, Business Analyst, User Education + Training, Reporting / Business Intelligence Consultant, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable, Technical Consultant

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
INR Negotiable per year  
4 Weeks  
Desired Job Type
Full Time  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Bachelor Degree  
Current Location
Maharashtra-Nagpur, India  
Willing to relocate?
Residency / Visa
Authorized to work in this location

Skills and Experience

Category Yrs. Exp. Last Used
Dynamics AX Axapta Customer Relationship Management CRM 1 2007  
    Questionaire 1 2008  
  Development / Technical Axapta Object Security 2 2009  
    Axapta Security System 1 2009  
    Axapta User Tool 2 2009  
    Axapta Web Tools 1 2009  
    Axapta X++ Editor / Debugger 2 2009  
    IntelliMorph 2 2009  
    MorphX Development Suite (IDE) 2 2009  
    MSSQL Server 2 2009  
  Financial Management Accounts Payable 1 2009  
    Accounts Receivable 2 2009  
    Bank Management 1 2009  
    Fixed Assets 1 2008  
    General Ledger 2 2009  
  Human Resources Enterprise Portal 1 2009  
    HRM I : Core Admin for Employees and HR 2 2009  
    HRM II : Recruitment and Absence Management 1 2009  
    Questionnaire 1 2009  
  Project Management Project 2 2009  
  Reporting and Business Analysis Business Analysis 1 2009  
    Cube Definition Manager 1 2009  

Employment History

Job Title
Software analyst
Computing - Software
04/2007 to Current

Worked on various modules with different types of customization entailing Admin, Basic,Financial, Project, HRM, Questionnaire, PSA and CRM


Below are details

Project    : In-House implementation for finance, project and HR module


Client      : In-house

Version   :  Ax 2009

Job          : Installation & configuration, customization and user training 







1) Created three live and three test companies

2) Create domains according to company

3) Create one virtual company to shared HR and Finance relatedcommon tables among the three live companies

4) Created one consolidate company to get consolidate results

5) Created user groups for different levels of security

6) Define record level security to shared tables.

7) Provided user access as per need

8) Worked on reporting services to liked with SQL reporting tool

9) Defined definition group to import and export data

10)Worked on web configuration and deployed web site on EP




1) Setup all basic things for newly created companies

2) Setup basic number sequence.

3) Defined alerts rule, parameter and job

4) Worked on Report manager, report builder and update models


Customized tree view to show document handling category wise.




1) Imported ledger account on AX from exist system

2) Defined journals for daily, customer, vendor, periodicetc.  

3) Defined voucher series

4) Setup financial statements and dimension focuses for P&L,Balance sheet etc.

5) Setup check layout for bank module

6) Defined payment methods for check payments

7) Done basic setup for AR and AP.

8) Created posting profile for customer and vendors.

9) Setup penny difference for customer settlement.

10)Created workflow document for user.


1) Worked on Financial andother reports to make the drill through feature available on the basis of ledgeraccounts, voucher, Projects, invoice number and customer.

2) Worked on all the reports and make all the reports workable as per users requirements

3) Done customization for making the interface short as per user’s requirements like one of them is customization to make invoice settlement for selected customer from customer form.

4)Done customization for penny difference functionality as user don’t need to enter the amount every time in A/c receivable parameters the system will give the option for this when user will do the settlement for customer invoices.




1) Setup Price,Category, Journals, line property and posting profile

2) Imported exist projects and customer from previous system to AX

3) Configured project setup part.

4)Created workflow document for user to proceed with transaction entry, posting,invoicing and transaction adjustment on project.


1) Customized the “ProjInvoice” report and make the format of report same as required by user.

2) Added new transactions and invoice related tabs on project form to provide one place to see all types of project related transaction and invoices.

3) Done customization in “ProjInvoiceChoose” and ProjFormLetter”classes to reduce the steps of invoice creation process.

4) Done customization to create fee journal and subscription transactions directly from project form and user can do fees setup as well in the same form.

5) Done lots of other customizations as per user requirements and to make the interface as similar as the user’s current system.




1) Setup all employee related dictionaries

2) Setup basic number sequence.

3) Done all setup needed for absence management


Worked on employee services website and create a complete setup for employee to see his/her personal and HR related information.




1) Setup Questionnaire dictionaries.

2) Provided user training on Questionnaire process and results.


1) Created secure web interface where candidate can give online exam from anywhere. In this interface I created one class which generates a page, when examiner starts the exams and the system shoots the mail to applicants defined in the scheduling and in that mail applicant gets a page where he/she can find the links of exams defined in the scheduling.

2) Applicant has to open the link and solve the exams one by one in a given time frame.

3) After applicant finish the exam the system generates the mail to scheduler and asks the scheduler that the exam can go to Tl for checking.

4) TL also gets a web interface where he/she can check the descriptive questions and can see the objective question as the system take care for objective questions.

5) After all the process system gives the reports for all the statistics.



1) As per parallel process with AX and user previous application, created a class to synchronize the data like project, customers,vendors, contacts and dimensions by using "CCADO" classes and extend it from “Runbasebatch”class to run as a batch.

2) Setup and implemented SSRS and SSAS reports.

3) Worked on share Point central administration 3.0

4) By using AX development tool on ASP.Net, Customized and created new ASP user control and Changed AXEP style sheet to make EP morepresentable.

5) Created internet site for online exam of applicant by using questionnaire module




Project Title   : SHAW Arabia project costing

Client            : SHAW Arabia (Saudi Arabia)

Version          :  MS dynamics ax 4.0

Job details      : Customization, Implementation and user training





Setup all basic things for newly created companies.



Created user group as per requirement and provided user access as per need  



1) Define all basic journals with required validation

2) Worked on General Ledger, Bank, account receivable and payable module.

3) Configured the functionality.



1) Created new Tables, forms and reports.

2) Done basic setup and import existing customer on system


PSA (Customized version of project)

1) Provided certain validation for transaction

2) Created new reports as per requirements

4) Defined posting profiles

5) Defined project transaction posting journals

6) Setup category and rules

7) Setup for hour and expenses transactions

8) Setup project group and rules

Job Title
Computing - Software
01/2006 to 04/2007

Worked on VB6 and MSaccess and created several project in different areas



Here are details


Project Title     : Soya-Refined Oil Plant

Technology      :   VB6, MS-Access

Othertools       : VS Flex

Description      : This project was madefor Betul Oils & Flour Ltd. [Betul (M.P)] as an ERP system for production,sales, inventory and employee management. I worked more in IDE, testing andflex grid for this project



Project Title     : Billing and accountingsystem for dealers

Technology      : VB 6, MS-Access, Datareport

Othertools       : VS Flex

Description   : This project includes inventory,billing and accounting for wholesale dealers. It includes all the transactionsof sale and purchase, purchase return, sale return, delivery memo, estimatepurchase, estimate Sale, all the necessary reports like sale and purchaseregister, summarized sale and purchase register, item wise sale and purchase ,sale and purchase return report, commission Report of salesman, stock report,estimate reports, VAT report, bill paid unpaid report. The entire sale purchasetransactions transfer to accounting tables and according to that the financialreports can be seen.



ProjectTitle     : Medical wholesalebilling and inventory system

Technology      :   VB 6, MS-Access

Othertools      : VS Flex

Description     : This software is for wholesale shops of medicine. Itincludes inventory, transactions of sale and purchase, purchase DM, purchasereturn, sale return, delivery Memo, expiry and breakage module, all thenecessary reports with reports of batch no. and expiry date.



ProjectTitle     : Tractor service centersystem

Technology      :   VB 6, MS-Access

Othertools      : VS Flex

Description      : Project made fortractor service center and It includes all the modules required for servicingcenter, like service booking , complaint register, Job allotment to employees,operations done by engineer, transactions according to service center, warrantyregister, Several types of register like customer history register, Servicehistory register, complaint register, R.T.O. registration register, warrantyregister, required reports like reports of several registers, stock report,warranty reports, transaction reports.



ProjectTitle     : Hotel billing system

Technology      : VB 6, MS-Access

Othertools      : VS Flex

Description      : The billing softwarefor restaurants with all the required reports like sale report, Item wise andwaiter wise sale, Graphical representation of sale in Quantity wise, Waiterwise, Amount wise, and Category wise and the Day end facility for restaurant.


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
2000 Sindhu mahavidayalay, Nagpur Higher secondary  
2003 Sindhu collage, Nagpur B.COM  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2002 DOEACC society Delhi "O" level  
2008 Symsoft, Nagpur Certification on MBS-508 (AX 4.0 Development Introduction  
2008 Symsoft, Nagpur Certification on MBS-513 (AX 4.0 MorphX Solution Development)  
2008 Symsoft, Nagpur Certification on MBS-507 (AX 4.0 Financials)  
2008 Symsoft, Nagpur Certification on MBS-504 (AX 4.0 Project Series)