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Axapta Developer/Consultant

Senior Dynamics AX (Axapta) Developer, programmer, Functional Consultant in Financials, Trade and Logistics

Desired Positions

Implementation Consultant, Business Analyst, Senior Consultant / Team Leader, Project Manager, Support Consultant, Financial Accountant, Technical Consultant, Technical Support, Software Developer / Software Engineer

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
USD 60 - 110 per hour  
4 Weeks  
Desired Job Type
Any Type  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Masters Degree  
Current Location
California-Los Angeles, United States  
Willing to relocate?
Residency / Visa
Authorized to work in this location

Skills and Experience

Category Yrs. Exp. Last Used
Dynamics AX Axapta Customer Relationship Management CRM 1 2010  
    Sales Force Automation 3 2010  
  Development / Technical Axapta Object Security 10 2013  
    Axapta Security System 10 2013  
    Axapta User Tool 10 2013  
    Axapta Web Tools 7 2013  
    Axapta X++ Editor / Debugger 11 2013  
    COM / Active X 7 2013  
    IntelliMorph 7 2013  
    MorphX Development Suite (IDE) 7 2013  
    MSSQL Server 7 2013  
    Oracle Database 6 2013  
  Financial Management Accounts Payable 10 2013  
    Accounts Receivable 10 2013  
    Bank Management 10 2013  
    Fixed Assets 10 2013  
    General Ledger 10 2013  
  Project Management Project 2 2015  
  Supply Chain Management Logistics 7 2013  
    Master Planning 2 2013  
    Product Builder 1 2013  
    Trade (Sales Orders, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory) 4 2013  
Dynamics CRM Customer Service Customer Service 6 2013  
  Sales Sales 6 2013  

Employment History

Job Title
Axapta Developer/Data Analyst
01/2004 to 01/2005

Coordinator between consultants and end users, data migration and Integration checking, modification on existing functions

Project Experience:

  • Axapta 2.0 Implementation: A team member to implement the Axapta 2.0.

  • Multiple Payment Terms: The project was created to enable the sales order process even the customers were using the different payment terms.

  • AX upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0: Upgrade AX from 2.0 to 3.0.

Job Title
Senior AX (Axapta) Programmer/System Analyst
Industrial Products
01/2005 to 11/2008

Users training and daily supports, implemented Dynamics AX 3.0, system customization and upgrade, technical support, new functional module design and development, consultant relationship maintaining.

Project Experience:

  • Axapta 3.0 Implementation: To replace the legacy ERP Great Plain by the Dynamics AX.

  • Sub-Companies Axapta Setup and configuration: Setup 11 AX environment for each sub-company.

  • Security Administration: Security & function & License control.

  • SOA (Sales Order Automatic Process): This project was designed to automate the time consuming Sales Order process, it reduced the human operational error and increased the efficiency by 60%.

  • EDI Data Automation: For purchase orders came from big companies like Wal-Mart, target, and Toy&us, automated their EDI data into the AX.

  • Report Master: Customized hundreds of reports on AX referring previous reports used in the Great Plain.

  • Call Center: Added new functionality “Call Center” on the CRM of AX, enabling the representatives of call center to handle with customer complaints and merchandise return, to enhance customer relations efficiently.

  • Order Sychronization between SAP and AX: Sales Order created in SAP needed to be synchronized onto AX for the financial purpose.

  • Inventory Sychronization between WMOS and AX: Inventory Adjustment between WMOS and AX, whenever the inventory transfer/movement journals happened in the WMOS, the inventory level needed to be adjusted in the AX accordingly.

  • Real Time Currency Convert Rate: Made the real time currency convert rate available in the system, it was fixed rate and it needed to be maintained regularly before. It made the currency conversion accurately.

  • AX and Office Integration: Invoice settlement was a heavy work load for the AR, this project enabled to upload their data on work sheet onto the AX and automated the invoice settlement process.

  • Functional and Technical Support: Onsite user training and resolved real time issues.

  • AX upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0: Upgrade AX from 3.0 to 4.0.

Job Title
Senior AX Application Developer (Project manager)
Oil and Gas
01/2009 to 01/2012
Manage the project and direct the team, successfully complete the project delivery, act as technical leader and support projects, achieve the project objectives, interact with the customer for the requirements, design, and deliverables. Trained users on Dynamics AX functions and programming; design the contract management module, planned and ensure all activities to align with the project plan and in a coordinated manner.

Project Experience:

  • E-Procurement System: The project is designed for the Sinopec and other similar companies to replace their existing E-Procurement systems by Dynamics AX 2009.

  • Contract Management: The project is a new module of AX, creating contract and agreement and ensuring the contract is carried out according to the contract terms.

Job Title
AX application Developer
Industrial Products
01/2012 to 10/2013

Functional and technical design and support before and after AX went live, coding on AP, AR, CRM, Product, Shop Floor Control, Inventory, GL, and Basic modules, code migration etc.

Created/modified various reports on AX, SSRS (Reporting services), and Creat!From; for examples: PO, Purchasing release schedule, Purchasing price contract, Report as Finish goods report, Account aging report, Customer special terms or discounts report, Batch order summary report, Planned scrap report, etc.

Project Experience:

  • Steel receiving and Mill status entry automation: Automatically generate the mail status entry form from PO line based on the mail, line, and product setups. Any steel receiving updates the mail status entry and invent transactions.

  • Mass PO price update: Any price contract changes will update all open PO and price buildup.

  • ASTM: Maintain the chemical treatment/coating weight and validation checks on Planned PO, PO, customer vendor external items.

  • Automatically Item creation: One item has various dimensions on coil width, length, and thickness, system automatically create the new item based on combination of different dimensions.      

  • Coil ID and OD auto calculation: Whenever the coil dimension (coil width, length, thickness, coil id) changes, system will auto update the coil ID and OD.

  • Auto Email to Vendor and Acct manager: Automatically send emails to vendor contact person or account managers when the PO has been posted.

  • Schedule Bench Calendar: Modified this calendar to have ability to view part number and the status of vendor delivery notes.

  • Alert Email: Coded to have managers and planners to receive alert emails like steel micro thickness is out of setup range or when the inventory drop or increase to the min/max limits.

  • Multiple POs posting: Create this module to have users to post multiple POs at the steel receiving.

  • Auto calculates the scrap rate: Automatically calculate the scrap rate on the production setup.

  • Price Build function on the PO: Created this function to speedup users to adjust the price on the PO.

  • Scale weight and Mill weight: Defaulted in scale weight from mill weight for receiving.

  • Code reviews: Performed code reviews for coworkers.

  • Data integration check: Performed data integration check when system went to live.


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
2000 HI Pacific University Master  
1991 Beijing Chemical Tech University Advanced Diploma  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2005 MBS Axapta 3.0 Financials  
2005 MBS Axapta 3.0 Trade and Logistics  
2006 MBS Axpata 3.0 Programming  
2014 MBSS AX 2012 Development  
2014 MBSS AX 2012 Trade and Logistics  
2014 MBSS AX 2012 Financials