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Software Engineer

Programming Languages & Software: Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise, Dynamics for Ctree, Pervasive, MSSQL 7.0, 2000 database. Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains Business Portal, Solomon IV 4.x/5.x, MSSQL 97/2000, Microsoft Retail Management System, Dexterity, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic .Net, Visual Basic for Application (VBA), FRX Forecaster (Financial Report Extender), MS Office Applications. Databases:Microsoft Access, SQL Server 6.5,7.0,2000

Desired Positions

Implementation Consultant, Support Consultant, Technical Consultant, Technical Support, Database Administrator, Tester / Quality Assurance, Software Developer / Software Engineer

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
USD 65,000 - 70,000 per year  
Desired Job Type
Any Type  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Bachelor Degree  
Current Location
Will Consider Relocation to;
Residency / Visa
Authorized to work in this location

Skills and Experience

Category Yrs. Exp. Last Used
Dynamics GP Great Plains Development / Technical Customisation Tools 3 2006  
    Development Suite 3 2006  
    Dexterity 2 2006  
    Integration Manager 1 2006  
    MSSQL Server 6 2006  
    Visual Basic 3 2006  
  Financials Fixed Asset Management 3 2006  
    General Ledger 3 2006  
    Multi-Currency 3 2006  
    Payables Management 3 2006  
    Receivables Management 3 2006  
  Inventory and Order Processing Inventory Control 3 2006  
    Invoicing 3 2006  
    Purchase Order Processing 3 2006  
    Sales Order Processing 3 2006  
  Project Accounting Project Accounting 1 2006  
Dynamics SL Solomon Financials Accounts Payable 1 2006  
    Accounts Receivable 1 2006  
    Customization Manager 3 2006  
    General Ledger 3 2006  
    Multi-Company 3 2006  
    System Manager & Shared Information 3 2006  
    Tools for Visual Basic 3 2006  
  Project Accounting Contract Management 1 2006  
  Reporting and Business Intelligence Crystal Reports 6 2006  
    FRx Advanced 3 2006  
    FRx Forecaster Professional 3 2006  
    FRx Professional / FRx Desktop 3 2006  
  Web Portal Business Portal 2 2006  
    Key Performance Indicators 2 2006  

Employment History

Job Title
Software Engineer
Computing - Software
01/2002 to 02/2005
CIS (Microsoft Great Plains Certified Installation Specialist)

Responsible for supporting customers on either technically related issue such as networking, hardware/software and operating systems issues related to software applications. Take primary responsibility for the software product specification, design, customization or enhancement of core modules. Provide first-rate level of support in order to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Conducts the following for Solomon IV potential clients whenever the need arises such as Installation of evaluation copies, Creation of sample databases and Creation of sample customization.

Also performs initial system review covering on the following areas such as Hardware configuration and compatibility and Analysis of software requirements and compatibility.

Performs training to client end-users in the following areas such as Seagate Crystal Report, Systems Manager, Customization Manager (for Solomon), Integration Manager (for Great Plains), Visual Basic Application, SQL Database and Basic Script Language.

Interviews client and perform system analysis with respect to the following areas such as System Objectives and System Design and flow. Performs data importation and conversion using the following such as ODBC, MS Access, Solomon Data/Transaction Import, Integration manager (for Great Plains).

Performs screens and reports customizations using Seagate Crystal Report Designer/Report Writer and VBA/Modifier for screens and provides program customization, if needed. Designs, tests and documents software application customizations and provides support in troubleshooting in Solomon IV during implementation phase for customers. Also provides the following services during the implementation phase for Infosoft customers: On-site support, Database file creation, Customized software and database integration into Solomon IV or Great Plains Dynamics or eEnterprise. Perform upgrade of Microsoft GreatPlains and Microsoft Solomon Application. Design Interface screens and process flow used in integration using VB 6.0 and MSSQL DTS Package design and MSSQL2000-TSQL

Program Budget Profile using MS Access, Customer Relation Management Screen (CRM) using Visual Basic for client’s customer information. Customized Site and Item Screen using Visual Basic for Application. Create Budget System program for yearly and monthly budget allocation of the client using Ms Access.

Windows 2000 Operating System Configuration, Set-up ODBC (Open Database Connection). Installed and configured TCT/IP, Windows 2000 OS Bottleneck Analysis measure how system resource perform. Modify server and software to eliminate the bottlenecks. Testing and Tuning Servers. SQL Server Configuration and create auto-configuring and self-tuning database server.

Job Title
Databas Programmer
08/2001 to 12/2001

Responsible for the structural design of tables that needed for the database. Assigned for the report utilization and monitoring of calls for different point of interconnections using MS SQL 7.0 server as the back-end database.

Assigned for the statistical analysis of dynamic changes for the call data retrieval (CDR) where all kinds of calls were recorded. Maintain and update database for exact profiles. Create a program Node Service Management for service report maintenance using MS Access and Seagate Crystal Report for the report generation.

Job Title
Systems Engineer
01/2001 to 07/2001

Support for the POS (Point of Sales). Responsible in the design, customization and maintenance of database of the system. Manage the network and hardware issues and setup. Independently handled installation projects.

Fine tuning of database and troubleshoot of system problems. Perform on-site software maintenance and quality assurance on programs developed. Support in initial project implementation (software installation, configuration, testing). Also perform detailed requirement analysis.

As a Programmer, I developed the SWEDA Help Desk System and customized reports submitted to the clients using MS Access and Seagate Crystal Report. Maintain and update the Help Desk System for daily reports and inquiries.

Job Title
System Developer
Management Consulting
01/2006 to Current

Assigned to Reports Generator of different Vessels (such as Contracts, ITF, and LOA) in Ms Access. A program that generates report such as Contracts, LOA, Info Sheet, ITF, and other requested reports.

Solomon IV technical and software support - Troubleshoot problems encountered in Solomon IV during installation. I also helped in the networking of the computers that will use the system.

Solomon IV Program customization - Customized the system to suit to the needs of the General Accounting Department.

Solomon IV technical and software support (Accounting Application)- Administer the MS-SQL 7.0 server as the back-end database and using Visual Basic (ADO, DAO, RDO), MS Access and Crystal Reports as the Front-end tools running on WinNT 4.0 environment as the server OS and Win95/98/NT as the workstation OS. Troubleshoot problems encountered during installation and answers user queries.

Generate different kinds of reports requested by the different department. Programmed reports that are immediately needed by different department.

Technical and software support on Networking - Provide assistance in networking (LAN - WinNT). Assist in setup of E-mail and Internet. Fix simple computer conflicts on both hardware and software. Maintain and provide inquiries on Megatelex, Messagaemate and other e-mail services of the company

Installation of software and answers inquiries of computer users. Install and configure modem and Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator (Eudoramail, GN Comtext). Maintain and provide inquiries on Megatelex, Messagemate and other e-mail services of the company

Program Supervisor's Tardiness Report for HR Department that produces a report of tardiness of Managers and supervisory level. Program Special Accounting a program for Accounting department that generate report of an onboard list and information of the seafarers.

Job Title
Database Administrator
02/2007 to Current

Prime technology specialist, inc.

Feb. 5, 2007 - present




PhilamCare Health Systems Inc.


UN Ave., Manila




February 5, 2007 - PRESENT

EZ-CAP is an initiative of PhilamCare to enable them to manage their business/channel partners effectively and profitably. It is a provider of affordable healthcare plans.

Role: Database Administrator


1. Mrs. Ramos is a part of the Project development team that implements and support the Department requirements and carries out deployments for the MIS1 and MIS2 system where all the health benefits and claims of clients process.

2. Mrs. Ramos is the person handling the Database Administration on PhilamCare which covers the following responsibilities:

o SQL Server Installation and Configuration

o DB Account creation, modification, deletion.

o DB Monitoring, troubleshooting, Remediation

o Database design and object creation.

o Creation and Maintenance of Objects SQL Database

o Scripting ( SQL Database)

o User Requested Performance Tuning

o Running DB Scripts to perform various DB Cleaning and Monitoring Operations

o Migration from SQLBASE database to MSSQL 2000.

o Migration of EZCAP database from EZ-CAP 4.1 to 4.2, 4.2 To 4.3, 4.3. To 4.3.1, 4.3.1 To 4.4, 4.4 To 4.5, 4.5 to 4.6

o Database Backup and Restoration from SQLBASE 7.0, MSSQL 6.5, MSSQL 7.0, MSSQL 2000

o Monitor schedule jobs and schedules tasks for Development and Production servers.

o Database System Access Maintenance and database utilization monitoring.

o Data Extraction EZCAP Database maintenance and monitoring.

o Responsible in deployment of system programs in Visual Basic 4.0 and Visual Basic 6.0 environments.

o Migrate EZ-CAP objects from 3.11 to 4.1,4.1 to 4.2, 4.2 to 4.3, 4.3 to 4.3.1, 4.3.1 to 4.4, 4.4 to 4.5. 4.5 to 4.5.1, 4.5.1 to 4.6, 4.6 to 5.0 environments.

o Responsible in ensuring all PhilamCare Databases is synchronize with the system setup as well maintaining the database related EZ-CAP objects such as setup of users login, access rights, Server Roles, Data update and more.


SQLBase 7.5.1, EZ-CAP 3.11 – 4.5, EZMigrate, SQLEXEC3, FixedDates, MSSQL 6.5, MSSQL 7.0 and MSSQL 2000, BCP and MSDTS


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
1998 Philippine Christian University B.S. Computer Science  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2003 COMAT TRAINING SERVICES,Singapore • Microsoft Great Plains Business Portal Installation and Configuration Training  
2003 Shangri-La, Makati • Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains - Dexterity I  
2003 Microsoft Great Plains, Robinsons Office • Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise - Microsoft Great Plains Installation  
2002 Microsoft Great Plains, Robinsons Office • Microsoft Great Plains Released 7.0/ Systems Manger Training  
2002 Infosoft International Solutions, Inc. • Dynamics/eEnterprise - Project Accounting Training  
2004 CERTRAIN • (MS2030) Creating Reporting Solutions Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services