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Project Manager

I’m looking for a high position in Technology Information Area with emphasis in software. I would like to work for a company with projection in the local and international market in which I could offer my maximum potential of knowledge and experience. Finally, I would like to bring innovation, talent, responsibility, leadership, quality, a high level of service and successful in my job, without forget the mission, vision, goals, objectives y values of the company.

Desired Positions

Implementation Consultant, Senior Consultant / Team Leader, Project Manager, Consulting Manager, User Education + Training

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
USD 95,000 - 180,000 per year  
2 Weeks  
Desired Job Type
Full Time  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Masters Degree  
Current Location
Will Consider Relocation to;
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United States
Residency / Visa
Authorized to work in this location

Skills and Experience

Category Yrs. Exp. Last Used
Dynamics CRM Customer Service Customer Service 6 2013  
Dynamics GP Great Plains Financials Bank Reconciliation 6 2007  
    Collections Management 6 2007  
    Fixed Asset Management 6 2007  
    General Ledger 6 2007  
    Intercompany 6 2007  
    Multi-Currency 6 2007  
    Multi-Dimensional Analysis 6 2007  
    National Accounts 6 2007  
    Payables Management 6 2007  
    Receivables Management 6 2007  
  Inventory and Order Processing Bill Of Materials 6 2007  
    Inventory Control 6 2007  
    Purchase Order Processing 6 2007  
    Sales Order Processing 6 2007  
  Reporting and Business Intelligence Crystal Reports 2 2007  
    FRx Professional 2 2007  
Dynamics SL Solomon Financials General Ledger 1 2005  

Employment History

Job Title
Project Manager, Implementation and Solution Development
Computing - Software
06/1989 to 02/2001

General Functions:

Manage: The implementation of ERPs, during the total cycle of live, according to the phases in the Methodology of every company that offer the solution to the customer (the most with PMI principles), offering a high quality of services to customer, fulfilling the terms of the contracts.

Administer: Communication with customers (using communications plans, Project Plans and Others plans). Human Resources (Project team); Total hours contracted and allocated; Changes in the scope of the projects; Risks; and Product improvements.

Control: Scope of the project; Budget; Advances of Projects; Hanging task; Distribution of hours by modules and/or functionalities and by new developments; reports to the customers and some areas of the company (services area or headquarter); Change control; Incidents, errors or objections.

Fulfill: Finish the project on time with the satisfaction of the customer; high quality services; with scope, budget, cost and time agreed; Have an excellent attention to the clients; Fulfill with companies’ objectives and goals. 

General Methodology:

- Initiate: Project assignment;  Internal alignment; Definition of team work; Alignment with the Client; Launch the project

- Plan: Plans (Management, Project; Communication; Training and Education; Risk; Installation and Configuration; Support; Test); Schedule.

Execute: Installation and setup work environments; Survey; Functional Maps, Meetings, Manuals, Training, Individual and general tests. Technical documentation

Supervision and Control: Service orders, regular meetings, reports, Advances, Schedule, Budget, Cost, Time, Resources, Track Changes, and Solutions to errors, incidents and disagreements.

- Close and Support: Close with customer satisfaction and approval; offer the best support service during the project and post-implementation.



TOTVS - Microsiga S.A. www.totvs.com - 04-2007 / 12-2008

Project Coordinator (Project Manager - PM)

Area: Implementing Management Systems and other solutions, specifically Protheus (ERP)

Achievements: Closure of most of the projects on time with available resources; Development of additional functionalities for the clients. Approximately 4500 hours on 9 projects. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia.

Reference: Services Manager. Phone: 54-11-4322-4848

Grupo SMS, Argentina.   www.grupo-sms.com - 07-2005 / 10-2006

Responsible for the Implementation of Dynamics Great Plains

Area: Solutions and Services for the IT sector

Achievements: Implementation in record time (8 months) of the ERP "Dynamics Great Plains" in 11 companies of the group in: Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and USA. Appointment: http://www.ebizlatam.com/news/121/ARTICLE/3517/2005-08-09.html

Reference: Manuel Abreu / Luis Soria. 54-11-4816-116


TPS S.A., Argentina. www.tpssa.com.ar - 02-2004 / 06-2005

Implementation Consultant for Great Plains Dynamics and ISO Standards

Area: Implementation of ERP and other solutions, Software design and development

Additional Function: Design and Implementation of a System Quality for ERP Projects (Solomon and Great Plains).

Achievements: Detect needs of implementation of those solutions (ERPs) for potential customers contacted by the Marketing Department.

Reference: Carola Hart.  54-911- 5-808-4278

Solsis SRL. www.solsis.com.ar - 02-2002 / 12-2003

Consultant for Marketing and Implementation Solutions

Area: Technological solutions for national and international companies

Achievements: Marketing of products and services; Implementation of web development; Detect needs of Dynamics Great Plains, among others; Participation in bids or tenders

Reference: Guillermo Garnica. 54-11-5239-0099


Lobruno y Asociados – 1996 - 1997

Responsible for the Implementation of ART System

Additional Function: Designing and managing the system development and programming of "ART" for "Fruit Cooperative Argentine"; and Manage Database.


Intersoft Argentina – 1994/1996

Responsible for the Implementation of: Financial and Accounting System "Aurus". Argentina, Colombia

Achievements: Submit Intersoft to Government authorities in Colombia with the purpose of commercializing a Budgeting System for State Agencies


Unibase de La Costa – Colombia – 1993 – 1994

Projects Director

Achievements: Participation in joint tenders with IBM to provide RISC Technology solution with Unify (Headquarter); Unify Implementations for different clients; and design solutions for a Company of exportation of seafood products.

Corporación Eléctrica de la Costa – CORELCA. – Barranquilla, Colombia - 06-1985/12-1986

Student Training

Detect needs, design, development, programming, testing and launch project of System Information for Electrical Industrial Safety in CORELCA (thesis degree); Instructor; Managing high-impact printers; responsible for paying salary for students with  spreadsheet.

Job Title
Management, Quality Control (QA) and Resolution of Critical Events
Computing - Software
06/1989 to Current

General Functions :

Set the degree of critical events than are reported to the helpdesk and the referral to the responsible for the solution, according to the procedures, time and established standards, taking in mind the resources available and customer needs.

Coordinating and leading teams work to provide the best solution for the critical events reported.

Check the quality of software developed and/or implemented through: monitoring tasks, participation in testing; scheduled audits, incident tracking, continuous process improvement.

Maintain fluid communication with both clients (internal-external) and with suppliers of solutions; equipment and services.

Managing the development of functional and technical reports, records, procedures, manuals and documentation relevant, considering the best practices in the market and methodologies.



AccendoS.A.  – www.accendo.com.ar – 12-2012 / present – Solutions Manager

Industry: Software

Function: Management and direction of the design, development and / orimplementation of systems solutions for Dynamics (CRM - ERP) and software tools(SharePoint, among others) and developing solutions with Dynamics acceleratorsand programming in .NET on SQL. Project: Offer, Demand and Supply Planning at  Tenaris (Teachint Group)


University of Belgrano – www.ub.edu.ar – 02-2011 / 11-2012 –Project Manager

Industry: Higher Education

Function: Project Management for theimplementation of PowerCampus of SunGard Higher Education Company. Modules:Admissions, Student Records, Billing, Cash Receipts, Students, Portal, SelfServices (Teachers and Students); Integrations with Calypso Payroll ,Assistance, libraries, banks and collection agencies; address development ofnew systems. Contact with suppliers. Management of Dynamics CRM Implementationand integration with PowerCampus.

2009 – 2011    Independent – Argentina

Investment in capital markets in Argentina and Colombia
Consulting Process
Self-training, courses (see above)
Site Development and Management,

Onliners - 02-2001 /12-2001

Country Manager y Partner for Colombia

Managerial Function: Company Star Up in the cities of Medellin and Barranquilla; and Marketing of Products.

Additional Function: Marketing and implementation of Dynamics Great Plains so as NEOBILDER (System for Administration, Maintenance and Website Updates Online), the company's flagship product of Denmark.


INDRA SI, S.A., Argentina - 02-1999 / 02-2001

Quality Manager

Sub. Projects: Software Development for RNP Training Project ID

Clients: National Registry of Persons (RNP), the National Electoral Directorate (DNE), National Directorate of Migration (DNM).

Additional Function: Audit of Software Project in the Central Bank regarding the interconnection of local banks with the Central Bank of Argentine Republic.

Achievements: Begin as Instructor and get the job as Responsible for Quality after a workout from Spain and fulfill the directives of Siemens. Audit in the BCRA.


Instituto de los Seguros Sociales (ISS) - Barranquilla. Colombia - 01-1992 / 08-1994

System Manager

Managerial Function: Manage, direct and achieve better internal service of the systems department for all units in the four clinics, in the Occupational Health Center and for the Headquarter.

Additional Features: Create the System Plan and budget to the board; develop the specifications of the bids for purchase of inputs, hardware and software; evaluate the statements submitted by suppliers from a technical standpoint; Selecting the best suppliers of Hardware, Software and Inputs with direct contracting; Perform support to other System departments of the institution's in other cities of the north coast of Colombia; Creation of Training Center for Occupational Health Department and a Training Area in the Administrative Center; Participation in the committees on which computer solutions are required; Participation in the National Reform of Social Security in Colombia.

Achievements: Total physical transformation for a better environment to work and acquisition of new safety equipments; Create Training areas or centers; Acquisition of IBM RISC 6000, to replace Prime 4050 with annual savings of 20 million; Convert in National model the following systems: Bill, Disability Management and Budget. Down the monthly incidences or errors in the billing system (from 19,000 to 0 per months); and making the delivery of the bills the first five days every months.


Universidad de la Guajira – Riohacha. Colombia - 06-1989 / 07-1991

Computer Center Director

Managerial Function: Manage, direct and achieve a better internal service of the computer center for all administrative and educational areas of the University.

Additional Functions: Designing information systems to strengthen the institution; direct the software developments; Keep update the information systems and hardware, according to the advance of technology; interact with customers and suppliers to achieve quality in services and products purchased; Participate in different committees.

Achievements: Implement the following systems: Admission, Enrollment and Notes for the students of the University; Record and Control of Library with the support of the ONU; Training center reactivation with the support of the Colombian Republic Presidency;  Donation of computers and paper for computers by INTERCOR Corporation, in the agreement to supporting indigenous communities.


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
1998 Universidad de Buenos Aires and Capital Market - Argentina Capital Marked Specialist  
1994 Magister in Software Engineering (not finish) - Argentina Universidad de Belgrano  
1986 Universidad del Norte - Colombia Systems Engineer  
1978 Normal Nacional Teacher and Bachellor  
2010 Ministerio de Educaciòn de España Licenciado en Sistemas  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2010 SENA Project Administration  
2010 SENA JAVA  
2004 MBS Dynamics Great Plains  
2013 MBS Dynamics CRM  
2009 English Institutions  
2002 Georgia Institute of Technology and FUNDACANE ISO 9001:2000